Tuesday, 3 November 2015

What does Equals Mean?

Today we inquired into what equals means? I also used this as a formative assessment task to gauge their level of understand about this related concept. 

I first read this wonderful book by Virginia Kroll. It has such rich maths language and is an excellent way to introduce certain maths ideas such as equals and fractions. 

I then did this 'Prove it' activity/idea that I found on a twitter tweet (can't remember which one)

I challenged the students to prove that I was wrong. 

They had to show me using materials, words or pictures why I was wrong.  

We then reflected on the activity. One student who has told me that he is 'bad' at maths came up with the finding that the numbers on both sides of the = have to be the same. 

We then extend this to include other concepts such as weight, height, money, amounts.

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