Tuesday, 19 January 2016

What I learnt by letting my students have a go!

Today, a student was moving back to Saudi Arabia so we decided to compare the temperatures of her country and here in Korea. It seemed like a relevant and natural link to our unit. 

I was a bit worried that my students might not be ready to organise two sets of data and then create line graphs comparing the two countries. 

I decided to let them have a go! 

This is what I learnt...

1. Kids will make more mistakes. And MISTAKES help us learn!
2. They will have to think (I know this because they told me at the end of the lesson)
3. They will be challenged (kids love challenges)
4.What they still need help with.
5. Kids can supported each other when they need help and they learn from each other much better than from me. 
6. They had to ask questions.

Most importantly, I learnt that I need to provide more opportunities for kids to just get in and do it!

Our Central Idea

"Mr Boyd, I've run out of room!" - How could you order the numbers so they fit in?

Some created two different graphs!

He did it... with support from his buddies,

She's got it... what next?

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