Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Addition and Subtraction Student Reflections

We came to the 'end' of our Addition and Subtraction Unit. I say 'end', but really this will continue on throughout other units. 

The goal of this reflection was to see how far the students thought they had come and what questions they still had. 

It was interesting to read that many wrote their 'next learning step' to focus on multiplication and division, which just happens to be our next unit. I will use this as a way to link the two units together. A line of inquiry just happens to be how number operations are related to each other.

Their reflections were another tool for me to gauge their progress and to see where some still may require support. They provide good support to other formative assessment tools.

The more I teach maths using an inquiry based approach, the more I believe in its benefits. Reflections such as these are evidence of that!

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