Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Key Concepts and Fraction Stations

I used this idea during my multiplication unit and it worked so well that I wanted to try it again with fractions. Using key concepts are something that I have recently started love using... I know I should have been using them all the time, but sometimes you can get bogged down by everything that goes on.

I have found that using the key concepts keep me grounded and focused on what I really want the students to achieve, and that is a better CONCEPTUAL understanding of maths.

I now try to use the Key Concepts in all aspects of my teaching. Using them to guide stations such as these help me to form questions that will promote inquiry maths. I am still learning how to write 'good' questions using the concepts and I recently fell back on the Maths Scope and Sequence document to provide me with some guiding questions I could start from. It's wonderful resource that I will continue to use.

The Stations:

This station was great for using the language of fractions and to let kids visualise whole amounts been divided up into different parts.

This station allowed students to use geo boards to divide whole circles and squares into different parts.

This station explored how wholes can be put together using different parts. Again another great way to get students to visualise the concept of a whole and to use the language of different parts.

This allowed students to demonstrate their understanding of how fractions exist in all aspects of their lives.

The result of these conceptual stations is that students are engaged, exploring, sharing ideas, discovering new connections, communicating mathematically and above all have fun with maths.

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