Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Reflection on a Beginners Year to Inquiry Based Maths

With the end of year approaching I created a central idea to get students to reflect on their maths learning. This was my first year teaching maths through inquiry. It was also my first time blogging. Blogging has really allowed me to reflect on my practice. I have learnt a lot form reading other blogs and sharing ideas from others. Sometimes blogging feels like you're talking to yourself... Maybe I am!!! But, the feedback I've had is useful in allowing me to think about how I teach maths and how my students learn. There is a wonderful maths community out there blogging and tweeting away. The more we communicate and share ideas the more our students benefit. 

In my reflection of the year in maths these are things that I learnt.

1. Maths is such an amazing vehicle for developing the Approaches to Learning. So many skills can be developed 
  • communication - working together (see reflections)
  • thinking (solving problems in other ways)
  • social skills (persisting with solving a problem)

2. It gives students the freedom to express themselves
3. It allows students to ask questions e.g "what if we times the fraction?" 
4. It allows students to wonder naturally.

Some examples of students reflections

"I thought it was hard, but I try"

"Challenging me!"

"Solving challenging problems!"

"it was fun doing maths"

"maths is one of lives things we do"

"thinking... doing questions together"

"...not afraid to make mistakes"      "I make mistakes, I learn more"

Great word bank!

"...we were learning, but it was still fun!"

Overall, this was a great first year with teaching inquiry maths. There is still so much to learn, and so much I want to learn. I have enjoyed learning from other teachers who are doing amazing things in maths.

Teaching maths through inquiry is not easy. Sometimes you feel lost. Sometimes you feel like you don't know what you are doing. Sometimes your lesson crash. Sometimes your lessons are amazing.

When all is said and done, the main reason I love inquiry maths is because it makes maths enjoyable, kids love it and that in the end is the most important thing.

Maths is a great vehicle for driving inquiry!

Looking forward to next year!

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