Thursday, 15 September 2016

Place Value Number Talks: Formative Assessment

We were 3 weeks into our Place Value unit and I wanted to give students an opportunity to reflect on their learning. I also wanted to gauge where there were at in their understanding of the central idea. 

So, I thought of getting the students to use their Seesaw App to video themselves making a mini "number talk".

I have posted a few samples below. 

The positives of giving students the opportunity to express their learning in a safe environment allowed me to get a good understanding of where they were at and where I need to take them next. 

The first video is off an ESL student. I was surprised that this was actually him speaking. Listening to him present so confidently made me think about the need for me to give my ESL students more time and freedom to share their thinking in ways that they feel comfortable. 

In the video below the student needs help with reading numbers up to 1000.

Fun and engaged. From a student who in the pre-assessment said she knows nothing about place value. 

From watching these videos I learnt that...
  • I need to focus on developing the language of maths and to provide more support for my ESL students.
  • Some students need help with reading numbers to 1000
  • Some students are still confused about the how the place of a number affects its value. 
  • Some students are ready to be challenged.
Most importantly the videos allowed me to see how much growth they had made from the start of this unit. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I've really enjoyed reading through your process.