Saturday, 7 November 2015

Knowing your Students: Assessment and Grouping

So, from the beginning of the year I have taken the time to interview my students using a diagnostic interview taken from NZ. This process allows me to understand how my students solve problems. Combine this with our schools PYP Maths Scope and Sequence I am then able to determine where my students are and how I can extend them.

I don't 'group' my students, I just make sure I know where they are and how I can best support them.

Watch this video from Jo Boaler about the negative effects of 'ability grouping'.

I used to group students but I now see students, who would normally be placed in my terribly named 'Camels' group a.k.a the 'low group', really start to believe that they are good at maths and hence start achieving.

The power of letting kids work together and to learn from each other is no more evident than in maths. It's also the essence of inquiry learning.

When you start seeing 'low' students solve problems they believed were too challenging and saying "I solved it!" is a rewarding experience.

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