Monday, 9 November 2015

Show me your thinking!

Yesterday, I posed the question, "How can you show me your maths thinking?" I then gave an equation and let them explore. 

All immediately grabbed the scrap paper and started to solve. I had to remind them that I wasn't interested in the "answer" I wanted to see their thoughts! 

One child chose to express her ideas by writing.

Most... nearly all chose an equation.

Only 1 headed for the materials/equipment/manipulatives call them what you will.

We talked about this and the stigma, even in G2, about using materials to help you. One child even debated that her family told her that using fingers is BAD! I asked her does it matter how you get the answer? Some may not be ready...yet! Gee... sometimes I still use my fingers...especially when counting in Korean. 

My hope is that I start to see maths thinking to be shown in many ways! 

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