Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Key Concepts: Breaking down the Central Idea

After gaining inspiration from a blog post by Graeme Anshaw about using Key Concepts, I decided to give it a go myself.

To be perfectly honest, after teaching PYP for 3 years I am still getting used to using them to drive my inquires. But, nothing ventured... nothing gained.

My big take away was that straight away they made me think of different questions... funny that! 

My questions also opened new doors for learning. To my surprise, my students started to see things through different lenses. I was delighted with some of the thinking and questioning that took place. 

Being a Grade 2 class and using these for the first time in a maths setting, I created the questions rather than asking my students to come up with, for example, a 'function' question. My hope is that in the future my students will become more comfortable doing it themselves.

As we continue through the unit, I will reference these questions and continue to add them to our 'Reflection Wall'. 

Key Concepts are not that scary after all. 

Give students choices about how they display their data.

Responsibility was a big one! When creating graphs, what are our responsibilities to ensure that the information we displaying is correct? 

Reflection: Did our graph answer the question? 

Our 'Reflection Wall'

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