Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Importance of Reflection

At teachers college we were frequently asked to reflect, sometimes on the most peculiar of things. I once had to reflect on a 'Christmas tree' I had made out of stones!

I would often be baffled about why we had to reflect on what seemed to be the most pointless of tasks. What in fact was the point?????

The point what I've come to realize is that reflection is what makes you grow as a teacher and what makes teaching a challenging, sometimes frustrating, but ultimately an enjoyable and rewarding profession. 

Reflecting on your practice ultimately makes you a better teacher. I know that lessons that have 'bombed' have often taught me the most. I've taken the time to sit back and ask what could I have done to make that a better learning experience for my students?

So taking this same approach I created self-reflection cards for my students to do after maths. 

To be honest in the value of reflecting, I asked my students if what I had created was indeed going to be helpful? 


"I like it"

"I don't think we need the middle column as it the same as the first"

"It's easier to only fill out 2 columns rather than 3"

We also talked about how I would use the information to improve the questions I pose in order to best suit their learning needs.

One thing that I have learnt from going through this process is that students also need to be taught how to reflect. At the beginning most students would circle the ones they thought I wanted to hear or what their friend thought sitting next to them, but when we discussed that this process is for them to improve their learning they started to see the benefits. 

I suppose in a way just like me at the beginning!

Please feel free to share any reflection ideas!

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