Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Tech Provocation for Multiplication

This is my first attempt at using tech, in this case Lego Movie Maker, to create a provocation for a maths lesson. In terms of engagement it was a big success, students found it really fun when reflecting at the end of the lesson.

Here is the video: (in hindsight I probably should have just kept them multiplying in rows of 3 rather than changing to rows of 4, but hey... next time!)

To start the lesson I showed them the movie and asked them to come a questions that they could ask after watching this video. 

Here is an example of some student responses. As always, they tend to come up with better questions than I do.

My favourite was.."How many lego holes did they take up on the board?" - I hadn't thought of that!

Next, I ask them to show me the equations using different operations that this movie shows. 

Examples of responses:

To lead into the next lesson I got the idea of asking them to look at the last clip and show me how they could find out how many man there were only using multiplication and subtraction?

In all in an engaging lesson. I am going to try to use tech as a means of providing provocations in the future. 

In my next lesson I am going to ask students to create their own movies to show multiplication facts that they are having trouble with. 

Reflection on the activity:
1. engaging
2. great way to explore maths questions
3. great way to differentiate the lesson
4. students learn what it really means to multiply sets.
5. provided me with a different angle to start my next lesson on.

Feel free to post any ideas you may have!

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