Thursday, 17 November 2016

Using Formative Self-Assessment to the Students and Teachers Advantage

I have often struggled with how best assess and then teach the skills that are essential for helping students solve problems more easily. 

My latest attempt has been to make up self assessment checklists where students first assess themselves as either, I don't know yet or I know this. I then conference 1-1 with each student as a check to see if they know or have they rote learnt it. Understanding these skills conceptually is super important. 

I found that students were really honest and principled when filling them out and that I didn't have to change too many.

This next step is how do I get students to learn these skills so that they are targeting what they need to know. One way I approach this is by setting them as goals for home learning activities. Another way is to give them time during the week to practice. Finally, I am also starting to bring them into my number talks or maths routines as quick mental warm ups. 

I like this method of assessing. It gives students ownership of their learning and promotes the learner profile attribute of being knowledgeable. 

People often think that inquiry maths has nothing to do with skills! I completely disagree. If we want students to inquire mathematically it is essential we give them to tools to do so. 

If you have any other ways of assessing and teaching knowledge skills then please feel free to share!

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